J-Term 2017

During the week of January 30th, all classes in grades 6 through 12 were put on pause as SCS hosted its first-ever J-Term. Throughout the week, students participated in hands-on, experiential-learning focused courses.

SCS implemented J-Term week after seeing first-hand how successful it had been at other Christian schools across the country. When Mr. Buttacy visited one of those schools last Spring, he was so impressed by what he witnessed. He found that the teachers loved participating in J-Term because it afforded them the opportunity to share their passions with their students in a unique way and that their students loved it because they were presented with the opportunity to try something totally new. Some students even ended up discovering what career path they wanted to take from their J-Term experience!

Upon his return home, Mr. Buttacy conducted some research on J-Term and the benefits seen from implementation of such a week. He discovered that students benefited not only from discovering something new, but also from having a mental break from school. J-Term provided a soft and fun entry into the second semester after spending many hours studying for midterms. He also came across articles that stated parents were in favor of J-Term week because they observed their children being more excited about going to school.

The secondary faculty worked tirelessly throughout the summer and first three months of school preparing a variety of courses from which students were able to choose. The faculty came up with their course offerings based upon their own passions combined with interests their students had expressed in conversations over the years.

J-Term proved to be a wonderful success at SCS! It provided unique opportunities for students to grow in their relationships with each other and their teachers outside of the traditional classroom environment. It is certainly something we all look forward to participating in again next year!