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“I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should." (1 Cor. 9:25)

An SCS athlete’s worth, identity, and life’s purpose is found in God. Athletes and their coaches and fellow players begin practices and games in an attitude of prayer and devotion to God. Plus, SCS Athletes train and grow amidst a fun and joyful school spirit that’s 40+ years strong!

After school sports involve a significant portion of the SCS student body. Sports are offered at the Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Junior High levels. Students can choose a sport in 7th grade. Opportunities are offered for junior high students to test into Varsity level athletics. Our athletes enjoy a Student Athlete Fitness Room between seasons.

In accordance with New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) Section XI, SCS athletes compete against both public and private New York State schools in various leagues. SCS, part of Conference 4, has participated in NYSPHSAA since 1995.

Sports Offerings 2022-2023 

High School Athletics (Grades 9-12) 

  • Fall: Boys’ Varsity Soccer, Girls’ Varsity Volleyball, Cross Country (Monday, August 22, 2022) 
  • Winter: Boys’ Varsity Basketball, Girls' Varsity Basketball, Independent Swimming (Monday, November 14, 2022) 
  • Spring: Boys JV Baseball, Girls’ JV Softball (Monday, March 13, 2022) 

Responsibilities of Parents and Student-Athletes 
The Student Athlete:
  • Must receive a Sports Physical (medical examination) each year (365 days) by a duly licensed physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant. 
  • Must submit a Medical History Update form (questionnaire) for every season the student participates to update their Sports Physical information on file in the school office. 
Both forms are available online (Health Examination Form & Health Screening History Secondary): 
Health Forms (located under Athletic Clearance below)

Transfer Student Athlete Eligibility

Please note these Transfer Eligibility rules as per NYS Public HS Athletic Association and Section XI for incoming transfer students that have participated on a High School Varsity and/or HS Junior Varsity teams:

Any incoming student who transfers to SCS without a corresponding change in residence is not eligible to participate at the Varsity level in any interscholastic athletic contest in a particular sport for a period of one (1) year if as a 9th -12th student he/she participated in that sport during the one (1) year period immediately preceding his/her transfer. The rule says, if you played in a particular Varsity sport (e.g., Varsity soccer as a 9th grader) last year, you will have to sit out for that Varsity sport in your first year (10th grade) at SCS.

However, the rule also states that students in grades 11-12 will be allowed to practice with the teams; they are just not allowed to participate in a scrimmage or game at the varsity level. Also, students in grades 7-10 shall be eligible to participate at the HS Junior Varsity level and practice at all levels.

This was provided as an overview. Specific questions or clarifications of athletic information, eligibility concerns (for transfer students), or other questions should be addressed to the school’s Athletic Director, Mr. Pat Nieto. Mr. Nieto’s email address is: / phone: 631.265.3334 ext. 209.

Note: 9-12th grade transfer students must complete Athletic paperwork. Click here for the form.

Athletic Clearance Forms

Sports Physicals – Meds Procedure 2022-23

Health Screening History Secondary

Health Examination Form

Smithtown Christian School Long Island Athletics


● ​2020 Suffolk County Boys Basketball Class D Champions
● ​​2020 NYS Boys Basketball Sub-Regional Class D Champions
● 2019 NYS Girls Basketball Sub-Regional Class D Champions
● 2019 Suffolk County Girls Basketball Class D Champions
● 2016 NYS Baseball, Class D Final Four Semi Finalist
● 2016 NYS Baseball SE Regional Class D Champions
● 2015 NYS Baseball, Class D Champions
● 2015 NYS Baseball SE Regional Class D Champions
● 2014 NYS Baseball, Class D Champions
● 2014 NYS Baseball SE Regional Class D Champions
● 2013 NYS Baseball, Class D Final Four Semi Finalist
● 2013 NYS Baseball SE Regional Class D Champions
● 2013 NYS Boys Soccer, SE Regional Class D Semi Finalist
● 2012 NYS Girls Soccer, Class D Final Four Semi Finalist
● 2012 NYS Girls Soccer SE Regional Class D Champions
● 2010 NYS Girls Soccer, Class D Finalist — 2nd in NYS
● 2010 NYS Girls Soccer, S.E. Regional Class D Champions

Competitor's Creed

I give my all – all of the time.
I do not give up. I do not give in.
I do not give out. I am the Lord’s warrior –
a competitor by conviction
and a disciple of determination.
I am confident beyond reason
because my confidence lies in Christ.
The results of my efforts
must result in His glory.


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FAX: (631) 265-1079


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Baccalaureate Ceremony
Thurs., June 1

Sports Awards Night
Tues., June 6

8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony
Thurs., June 8 

Kindergarten Graduation
Fri., June 9