Culture Wars

When I was a youth pastor I always looked forward to our winter retreat. It was always an amazing trip that changed lives. The only bad part were the prank wars. The kids always got way out of hand. The prank wars always started out innocent, but by the end got really nasty. We had kids putting cool aid powder in the shower heads so when you turned the shower on there was red and blue cool aid shooting out at you. We had frogs and birds ending up in people’s rooms and people were crying, calling home, threatening each other – it was all out war. One year all of the leaders got together and we decided we needed to give these kids a taste of their own medicine. We came up with the idea to have the front office at the retreat center write us a fake letter saying that we had been kicked out due to all the pranks. I was up front doing announcements at a session when the office personnel came in and handed me an envelope. I opened it and just began to read it out loud in front of the group. It said something like “Your group is no longer welcome here at our facility. The way you’ve handled yourselves is an abomination and it won’t be tolerated. You are hereby evicted from the premises never to return.” Continue Reading