SCS Faculty and Staff: Favorite Christmas Traditions


In the spirit of Christmas, we thought it would be a fun idea to ask some of our faculty and staff what their favorite Christmas tradition is. You will enjoy reading about memorable traditions and funny family stories. This will be a two-part blog, so enjoy the first rendition of the SCS Faculty and Staff: Favorite Christmas Traditions.

My favorite traditions are on Christmas Eve. We go to church altogether, return home to have the same food every year (pizza bread and cheesy shrimp), and open stockings. My mom still makes stockings for all of the grown children. Amazing! 🙂  ~Heather Lee, Elementary Principal 

Every year I make a bunch of batches of Neapolitan cookies (rainbow cookies) from scratch. It is a whole day process, but so worth it!! Also, every year my husband and I have to have our first Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks together. It must be a very cold night and we can’t have our first one without each other. We also watch “The Nativity” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” every Christmas season.  ~Katie Bozzo, HS English and Bible Teacher

My family’s favorite dessert is Papa’s Old-Fashioned Banana Pudding recipe. ~Teelah Grimes, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

I make Eggs Benedict with Homemade Hollandaise Sauce for Christmas brunch. Lori, the kids, and I camp out in the den by the fire one night of the break, after watching a Christmas movie. We always spend time on our family farm in PA during the Christmas break, which always includes a long, cold hayride. We usually try to hold off playing any Christmas music until AFTER Thanksgiving. However, someone always sneaks some in before then.  ~Roger Erdvig, Superintendent

The endless Italian multicourse Christmas dinner with all the family sitting at the table for hours!  ~Anthony Buttacy, Secondary Principal

Our annual BIG Italian Christmas Eve dinner, complete with the “feast of the fishes”, course after course of deliciousness and tons of homemade desserts! Watching Christmas movies with my hubby and kids, then camping out in the living room. Spending Christmas day at my parents house with my siblings and their families. And of course celebrating the birth of our savior, Jesus, at our church Christmas Eve service.  ~Jeanine Cozzetti, Marketing and Communications Assitant

One of our favorite traditions is baking Christmas cookies….I am not the best baker so it’s a stretch every year! Yet, So worth the learning curve!  I host Christmas Eve dinner. We have many nieces and nephews, I always coordinate games for the night! I love getting together and playing games with the entire family. ~Tracy Berner, Special Education Coordinator

Every Christmas I look forward to having homemade calzones with my family. ~Jennifer Cronin, 2nd Grade Teacher