Five Year Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2010 Smithtown Christian School (SCS) began a comprehensive, school-wide strategic planning process for the first time in the school’s history. This process was collaborative in nature and involved multiple school constituencies, including administrators, teachers, board members, pastors from Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle, parents, alumni, and students.

Biblical Basis for Planning:

“Unless the Lord builds a house, the builders labor in vain.”  Psalm 127:1a

Strategic planning, as it relates to the ministry of Smithtown Christian School, is a process that seeks to discern and envision the future that God has for our school.  It is a comprehensive effort that is driven by a total reliance on the Holy Spirit and is the product of prayer, fasting, collaboration, discussion, and extended consideration.  We have strived to produce a result that reflects the heart of God and the priorities that He would have for His school in the near future.

The strategic plan, as a product of God and man working in unity, represents our best efforts to cast a vision into the future from the perspective of our current state.  Based on what is most important to us as a school, we have sought to commit to writing the plans that we believe will help us to become the school that God envisions.

It is understood the plan will likely need to be adjusted along the way as we face new realities, challenges and opportunities.  With God’s continued guidance and grace, we move forward with what we believe is a comprehensive view of what He wants us to do – a vision that is empowered by our reliance on Him and the power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill His purposes for us.

Strategic Initiatives:

Over the next five years, SCS will engage in four major strategic initiatives: establishing a culture of honor; enhancing faculty development; improving teaching and learning; and developing a comprehensive financial plan.

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