Monthly Archives: February 2015



by Joel Maus, Dean of Student Life

Recently, Bobby Parks spoke in MS/HS chapel. He is a dear friend of mine from Oral Roberts University. I first met Bobby my second year of college. After more than a decade of friendship, we can’t help but laugh at how dramatically different our lives have become since that first day. Despite our individual growth and change, we remained close friends. The longevity of our friendship, despite geographic location or life season, is due to our common connection to the work of Christ. I think this is an important aspect of true friendship as many relationships are simply based on some exterior factor or common pursuit. When the Lord is that common denominator, not only are lifelong friendships possible despite the many season changes in life, but they also become eternal friendships. Here is an interesting idea—we will meet our students in eternity. We won’t only know them, but will be able to see the ultimate fruit of our work. There will be a day of recognizing all that we have put into the students, how that affected them, and how it affected everyone they came in contact with the rest of their earthly lives. So when you teach that child, visualize the multitudes which will hear your words many years hence. It is quite a sobering and encouraging way to look at the next conversation.