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D2D Speaker J Warner Wallace’s Bio

We are very excited to have cold case homicide detective turned apologist J Warner Wallace presenting at our D2D conference.

He is a remarkable speaker and just an all around great guy.

Here is his bio:

James “Jim” Warner Wallace (born June 16, 1961) is an American homicide detective and Christian apologist. He has authored several books, including Cold-Case Christianity and God’s Crime Scene, in which he applies principles of cold case homicide investigation to apologetic concerns such as the existence of God and the reliability of the Gospels. Wallace serves as an adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University and hosts the weekly television program Cold-Case Christianity on the NRB Network.  He has been featured as a cold-case homicide expert on Fox 11 Los Angeles, truTV (formerly Court TV), and NBC.


Wallace graduated from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Explorer Academy in 1978. From there he went on to pursue a career in the arts, earning a bachelor’s degree in design from California State University at Long Beach and a master’s degree in architecture from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).  In 1988, Wallace returned to law enforcement, attending the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Academy as a recruit for the Torrance (CA) Police Department. During his law enforcement career, Wallace served on a number of assignments, including SWAT, Gang Detail, and Robbery Homicide. He was also one of the founding members of the Torrance Police Department’s Cold-Case Homicide Unit.

Investigative work

As a homicide detective, Wallace has investigated a number of high-profile cold-case murders. His cases have been featured on Dateline (NBC) and North Mission Road (truTV). As a founding member of the Torrance Police Department Cold-Case Homicide Unit, Wallace earned the Sustained Superiority Award from the South Bay Police and Fire Medal of Valor committee.  He also won the 2015 California Peace Officer Association COPSWEST Award for best solved cold case.

Conversion to Christianity

In 1996, Wallace became a Christian (previously having been an atheist) at the age of 35, after investigating the gospels as potential eyewitness accounts to the life of Jesus.  Wallace joined the staff of Saddleback Church, while continuing to serve as a cold-case homicide detective. He later enrolled in Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, earning a master’s degree in theological studies.

Christian apologetics

Wallace began applying the principles of cold-case homicide investigation to Christian apologetics. He has written three books addressing the evidence for Christianity: Cold-Case Christianity, Alive, and God’s Crime Scene. Wallace has been a guest on a number of television programs, including The 700 Club (CBN), Praise The Lord (TBN), 100 Huntley Street (Crossroads), and The Leon Show (TBN/The Miracle Channel).  He has spoken on several radio broadcasts, including The Laura Ingraham Show, The Eric Metaxes Show,The Janet Mefferd Show, and In the Market with Janet Parshall. Wallace also has a cameo role in the film God’s Not Dead 2, playing himself testifying in a court scene.


Cold-Case Christianity

Wallace’s first book is Cold Case Christianity; A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels (David C. Cook, 2013), presenting ten principles of cold-case homicide cases and using them to investigate the claims of the New Testament gospels.


In Alive: A Cold-Case Approach to the Resurrection (David C. Cook, 2014), Wallace investigates the accounts of the resurrection of Christ and argues that there is compelling evidence to believe them.

God’s Crime Scene

In God’s Crime Scene: A Cold-Case Detective Examines the Evidence for a Divinely Created Universe (David C. Cook, 2015), Wallace utilizes a simple investigative template to examine eight lines of evidence in what he calls the “crime scene of the universe,” arguing they point to the existence of God.

Cold-Case Christianity for Kids

In Cold-Case Christianity for Kids (David C. Cook, 2016), Wallace draws readers into the thrill of high-stakes investigation by showing them how to think rather than telling them what to think. In this children’s companion to Cold-Case Christianity, Wallace gets kids excited about testing witnesses, examining the evidence, and investigating the case for Christianity.

You can check him out on the web at: Cold Case Christianity

He’s looking forward to his visit to New York and wants to see you at the conference!

NY Apologetics will be hosting their Dare to Defend Conference right here at SCS on Friday, April 28th and Saturday, April 29th! A $2,500 scholarship will be given away to one SCS parent who attends. To purchase tickets, click here:

Spiritual Malaria

Malaria!  Do you know Malaria is a life-threatening blood disease caused by parasites transmitted to humans through an ordinary mosquito bite?  Once an infected mosquito bites a human and transmits the parasite, it multiplies in the host’s liver destroying red blood cells, and can lead to a person’s death.

No responsible person would risk sending their child on a missions trip without vaccinating them from Malaria.

Now, what about spiritual malaria?  Will you vaccinate your children, and yourself, as you send them out into the culture we live in everyday?  Our culture is hostile to the faith we profess and the Barna group says 3 out of 5 kids will disconnect from church by age 15!

By the time your children have reached six grade they have been taught that they cannot pray in school, all religions are equal, faith is opposed to belief in God, and humans evolved from bacteria.

They are essentially taught that their faith in God has no real place in school or society.

On Friday April 28th and Saturday April 29th, Smithtown Christian School will be hosting the Dare 2 Defend Conference that will prepare you to face to these issues head on and protect your kids from spiritual malaria.

Dare to Defend


For the first time on Long Island, join leading Christian thinkers like Frank Turek, Greg Koukl, J Warner Wallace and MaryJo Sharp for a day of worldview training that will help you defend yourself, and your kids to survive the current culture.

All are welcome, and details can be found on the web at or by calling 1-866-D2.DEFEND  866-323-3336.

Early bird pricing ends after March 1st, and a special drawing for a $2500 scholarship will given away to one SCS parent for attending.

Will you stand with us and Dare to Defend the faith?

Dare 2 Defend Conference

For the first time in New York and on Long Island, New York Apologetics will be hosting the Dare 2 Defend apologetics conference with Smithtown Christian School.  This will be an exciting opportunity for the church to be edified and trained to give answers for the hope that lies within them. We are excited to bring this event to our area.

Here are some of the details:

On Friday night April 28th, we will be having a question & answer session highlighting the youth starting at 7pm.

Four top Christian apologists will be offering their insight and answering your questions and some of the toughest questions we receive as Christians.  All ages grades 6 and up, right through senior citizen are welcome. Christians, skeptics and unbelievers alike are also all welcome.

You will be able to ask your questions and get answers from some of the best Christian thinkers in the country.  So, please bring your questions, and, the tougher the better!

Tickets for this event are only $5 at the door, however if you purchase a ticket for the Saturday event, you can attend the Friday night event for free.

Our event on Saturday April 29th will begin at 9am and feature four top apologists training on various topics ranging from the reliability of the new testament, the case for the resurrection, tactics in defending the faith, evolution, and having conversations with atheists.  There will also be several other breakout sessions offered covering a range of topics you can choose from.

This is the first time all four speakers are presenting on Long Island so you do not want to miss this conference!

The venue will run from 9am sharp to 4pm- doors open at 8am.  You will be able to meet the speakers, purchase their books and sign up to receive our Dare to Defend curriculum.

If you are the parent of a child attending Smithtown Christian School, and attend the conference, you will be put into a drawing for a $2,500 scholarship for your child.  Each parent attending will get a ticket for the scholarship and need to be present to win.  The winner will be announced at the close of the conference.

Tickets for the Saturday event, which includes Friday night, are only $39 each. However, you can take advantage of early bird pricing before March 15th for $29. Click here for tickets: TICKETS

Lunch will be available from several vendors on premises from 12-1pm, and drinks and snacks will be available for sale throughout the day.

Both events are being held at:

Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle located at 1 Higbie Dr, Smithtown, NY 11787.  

If you are traveling to the conference from out of town and need to stay overnight, the Hampton Inn in Islandia has special conference rates available – please mention NY Apologetics Dare to Defend Conference for this special rate.

So, will you stand with us and Dare to Defend the Gospel?  We truly hope so!

Again, for tickets and more information on the speakers, venue and topics, please visit the website at:, or our check us out on Facebook.  We also have a Dare to Defend Conference Facebook page set up.

We look forward to seeing you there.