SCS Diploma Requirements

English 4
Social Studies 4
Math 4
Science 3
Bible 4
Foreign Language 2
Health ½
Art or Music 1
Art or Music History 1
Physical Education 2
Electives 1

 SCS Advanced Diploma Requirements

English 4
Social Studies 4
Math 4
Science 4
Bible 4
Foreign Language 3
Health ½
Art/Music 1
Physical Education 2
Electives 1

SCS Honor Society Chapters

National Honor Society
Mu Alpha Theta
National Art Honor Society
National English Honor Society
National Spanish Honor Society


Foreign Language Instruction

Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Spanish IV (Dual Enrolled with Suffolk Community College)
Latin (5th grade)


Computer Instruction

Computer Literacy I & II


AP Course Offerings

AP English Language (SCS Online)
AP English Literature (SCS Online)
AP Calculus AB (SCS Online)
AP Chemistry (SCS Online)
AP Computer Science (SCS Online)
AP US History (In House)
AP Art History (SCS Online)
AP Biology (SCS Online)
AP Physics (SCS Online)
AP World History (SCS Online)
AP US Government and Politics (SCS Online)
AP Macroeconomics (SCS Online)
AP Microeconomics (SCS Online)


Elective Offerings

Advanced Art Home Economics I & II
Advanced Band Journalism
Advanced Chorus Leaders in Missions
Advanced Orchestra Music Theory I & II
American Presidency Personal Finance
Art Independent Study Photography
Art Porfolio Secondary Teacher Aide
Audio and Light Technology Select Vocal Ensemble
Chamber Strings Spanish IV
Child Development I & II Studio Art I & II
Elementary Teacher Aide Video Production Fundamentals & II
History of Film Yearbook