We Are Thankful For…..

With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, we thought we would ask some of the staff what they are thankful for at SCS. Their responses were genuinely stated and beautifully written. Enjoy!

We Are Thankful For….

1. I am thankful to God for assembling such a great team of people who are committed to serving our students and families. Roger Erdvig, Superintendent 

2.  I am grateful for a Christ-centered atmosphere. No matter what anyone is facing, we can ask for prayer and all will stop and pray. Lee Russo, Secondary Administrative Assistant

3. I am thankful for the Christian fellowship that takes place at SCS each and every day. Laurie Garafolo, School Nurse

3. I am thankful that the Lord put me here at SCS, in the position that I am in. I am blessed with all the wonderful staff, faculty, students and their families that I get to share this journey with. Anna Fenimore, Director of Development and Marketing

4. I am thankful we can pray with our co-workers and students when there is a need. Lisa Eichenlaub, Office Manager

5. I am thankful for the daily hallway interactions I have with students in all grade levels. Their smiles and waves remind me of how blessed I am to work in a Christian school. Teelah Grimes, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

6. I am thankful for the love of my coworkers, and a wonderful working environment where I look forward to coming to work to every day. Jenn Coggin, Assistant Financial Administrator

7. I am thankful for John Contes’s cooking. I am thankful for the new office spaces. I am thankful for SGT’s support of the school. I am thankful for supportive and engaged parents. Joel Maus, Dean of Student Life

8. I’m thankful to serve in a school with people who care about Christian education and who also care about each other. It makes SCS a great place to be every day!  Heather Lee, Elementary Principal

9. I am thankful for a school that is dedicated to challenging its students academically, inspiring them spiritually and cultivating an atmosphere for them to thrive. Jeanine Cozzetti, Marketing and Communications Assistant

10.  I am thankful that I work in a place where I can ask any of my colleagues to pray with me for a need, concern or even share a praise for answered prayer. ‘A shared burden is half the load, a shared praise is double the joy.’ Elizabeth Anderson, Guidance Director