Homework Tips


With the winter fully upon us, sometimes kids struggle to stay motivated in school, especially when it comes to homework. Here are some tips to help your family weather the “winter blues.”

  • Schedule a consistent work time. Some kids rather start their homework right after school, others work best after a light snack and play period. Know what works for your child and be consistent in it.
  • Set up a place for your child do their homework. Make sure kids have a quiet place to complete their studies, away from distractions like T.V, phones and siblings.
  • Have a plan. Kids work best when there is an established routine when they come home from school. Sticking to that plan as best you can, will help your child be organized on heavy homework nights.
  • Be involved in their work. Supporting your child with his or her studies can have a profound impact on their grades. When they are studying for a test, quiz them, and when they finish their work, check it.
  • Motivate and keep them encouraged. When your kids come home from school, ask about their day and be genuinely interested in their studies. Nothing is more encouraging to a child than a parent who is fully engaged and motivates them to do their best.
  • Know their teachers. Attend school events, such as parent-teacher conferences and workshops. Knowing your child’s teachers and their homework policies will make it easier to support your child in their work.
  • Pray. If your child is struggling with a subject or the workload is tough, set aside some time to pray. Praying with your child will calm their nerves and set a good example of what they should do when they experience a difficult time.
  • Keep it fun. Homework usually isn’t something kids consider as “fun”, so try and make it enjoyable for them. There are many ways to make their homework experience fun and keep them engaged. You can find great ideas and activities here.