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Tuition Assistance Application Instructions

Every year, Smithtown Christian School provides significant help for families with verifiable need through its Tuition Assistance Program. The mission of the program is to provide as many families as possible with the means to acquire a distinctively Christian education for their children. Tuition Assistance is available for both current and new families.
Financial need is determined by one of our strategic partners, FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Service. Using a non-biased third-party service frees the SCS Board from having to wade through the time- consuming and very sensitive task of determining actual financial needs of our families. FACTS does not make decisions about actual awards; their service merely calculates applicants’ level of need/ability to pay, according to information provided by families and industry-standard best practices. The SCS Board Tuition Assistance Committee determines actual awards, as outlined below.

To apply, visit create a user account, pay the $30 application fee, and follow the on-screen instructions. (Note that all applications for Tuition Assistance must be submitted online.)

Additional details:

• The SCS Tuition Assistance Committee begins accepting applications in March and begins awarding tuition assistance in May, for the following school year.

• All tuition assistance applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, and applications generally take 2-3 weeks to process once all information and documentation has been submitted and verified.

• In addition to the information and documentation that must be submitted online to FACTS, applicants must also submit the last three (3) months of official, bank-issued bank statements to FACTs via FAX at 866-315-9264. Applications will not be processed without all required documentation on file with FACTs.

• The tuition assistance award process may include an in-person interview with the Tuition Assistance Committee to review the application.

• All applicants will be informed of the committee’s decision in writing. Along with the notice of the committee’s decision will be the terms and conditions of the award, including ongoing GPA requirements, timeliness of payments, etc.

• Applications for tuition assistance for new families will not be considered by the committee until a complete admissions application is submitted to the school.
If you have any questions regarding this process, please call the school office at 631-265-3334. If your questions are technical in nature, or are regarding the process of actually filling out the tuition assistance application, call the FACTS phone number listed on their website.

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PHONE: (631) 265-3334
FAX: (631) 265-1079


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