Abigail L. has been attending SCS since Kindergarten and is currently in 9th grade. Last year, Abigail was on the SCS Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team that went to the state playoffs! Not only was this an amazing accomplishment for this team, but Abigail was also able to be on this team while she was in the 8th grade, which is quite an accomplishment. She was recently selected as one of Newsday's Top 100 High School Basketball Players on Long Island!

Abigail had a love for basketball at a very young age, and SCS was able to help her develop her appreciation for the sport. In the 4th grade, the varsity coach saw the talent in her and invited her to practice with the team. Abigail said, “They were really encouraging and helped me to push myself to work harder to get to where I am now.” Since 4th grade, Abigail was encouraged to set goals for herself to eventually be on the Varsity team!  

Abigail said that being at SCS and playing basketball has taught her how to apply Christian principles to her own life. For example, in the 6th grade she learned about perseverance and endurance and was able to apply those lessons to her experiences playing basketball. In the years to come, Abigail wants to attend a Christian college and make basketball a part of her life and future career.