Secondary students at SCS have the opportunity to attend STEM classes (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) throughout their high school career. Students learn to investigate real-world issues and create solutions through communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. Interdisciplinary learning is encouraged as students take many different science and math courses.

They also have the potential to take upper level courses such as Anatomy and Physiology, Physics, College Algebra, Calculus and Statistics. Students work in a flexible learning environment where experiments and projects are used to demonstrate their kindness and love towards others. In secondary STEM, there are currently four courses offered: Coding, Computer Hardware, Introduction to STEM, and STEM Elective. In these courses, students focus on using different academic skills gained throughout their academic career.

SCS aims to implement a Biblical worldview in all aspects of the learning experience. The STEM program implements this worldview as it teaches students to investigate issues that face their school, community, or even themselves individually. STEM allows them to work together to create things which can help people in the community and abroad. This ultimately helps demonstrate Christ-like love to others.”