Samantha G. has been attending SCS for 13 years. Her favorite thing about SCS is the fellowship between all of the students and teachers. She loves that the teachers show genuine care and concern for all of their students. Samantha is really grateful for all of the opportunities that SCS has given her to express her love for music.
For her, being on the worship team has helped her decide that she wants to study to be a worship leader in college and make worship and music a part of her career. She says that fellowship with her worship team helps her stay on track and stay close to God. She says the Bible classes at SCS have helped her remain grounded in her faith when she is outside of a Christian atmosphere.

Last year, Samantha and her classmate Emily R. wrote an original worship song and led it during one of our SCS chapel services. The song is called “Blindly,” and it is about following God’s lead when you don’t know what’s going on in your life. This kind of mentoring and creativity is one of the ways our students learn to grow boldly with God and share His love with a world that so desperately needs Him.
Every year, Samantha participates in the National Christian Fine Arts Competition which helps her develop her talents even more. This year, she is most excited about the upcoming Christmas and Spring concerts that she and her classmates get to participate in. What a blessing they will be!
Hannah F. is a junior who plays violin in SCS's orchestra. She feels it has been such a blessing getting to be a part of the school's music department, and she is so glad to have the opportunity to further her skills here. Hannah says, “I have learned so much from my music teachers (shout-out to Mrs. Troiano!) about my instrument, how it fits into our ensemble, and how to become a better musician.”
Hannah is an active member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society as well as other academic Honor Societies in addition to a member of our student’s body mission’s team “Undignified.” She is constantly looking for ways to contribute to the student body both socially and spiritually.  She assists in helping students younger than her in the department as a mentor, as well as singing and playing the guitar for worship.
She improved her musical ability so much since joining the orchestra, and she knows her peers in the chorus and band can say the same thing about their own abilities. “I am able to pursue excellence on my instrument and play for the glory of the Lord,” says Hannah. “Playing in the orchestra is another avenue of worship and service unto God as well, and the students at SCS love being able to play for Him. I have also developed great friendships in orchestra that I wouldn't have made otherwise. SCS's music department has given me so many opportunities to become a better musician and steward of my skills, and I am so blessed to be a part of it!”