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Our teachers have embraced distance learning while also maintaining their love for and relationships with students and families. That is a true mark of the SCS family.  As we learn and grow in our distance learning program, we invite our families to be in touch with teachers about how their child is doing, what questions they have, and their ideas to make distance learning as smooth and effective as possible. Our hope is to get better and more effective each week.

Teachers check their email several times each school day to answer questions and are available to help individual students as needed.  In our distance learning program, lower elementary students’ work is guided by a parent or adult at home.  Older students may be more independent in their work, but they still need supervision.

Parents, we recognize that you may feel overwhelmed by life right now, and distance learning may feel that way too.  However, we want to encourage you that God is Who He says He is - our Provider, our Wisdom, and our Help.  He has promised never to leave you or forsake you.  He has done miracle after miracle in the past, and He is still the same miracle working God today.  Trust Him in this distance learning process and in every other challenge you are facing.  Invite Him in and ask Him to be in charge.  

I am confident God will provide us with everything we need to be successful distance teachers and learners!

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Distance Learning

Distance Learning



  • How long will SCS be conducting distance learning?

    The situation is constantly changing. SCS will continue distance learning for as long as there is a state, federal, or county restriction against returning to the building. If all of those restrictions are lifted, the administration team will assess our local situation and communicate directly to parents via Facebook, email, text, and robocall to inform them as to when the building will reopen.

  • Will we have school over our scheduled Easter Break?

    Distance Learning will be suspended over Easter Break. We want to focus on the importance of this season and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In addition, our teachers and some of our students have been working overtime to manage the transition to distance learning. We will resume distance learning work on April 21st if our building is still closed.

  • Will SCS families be refunded for the portion of the school year that we are out of the school building?

    We are continuing to pay teachers, support staff, etc. in order to keep academic instruction going. Therefore, at this time, we are not offering refunds.

  • What is the latest on Sports and Extracurricular Activities?

    All sports and extra-curricular activities are suspended while the school building is closed.

  • How can I get help for my student(s) while they are participating in distance learning?

    ▪ For help with google email or passwords, contact Mrs. Gonzalez via email at: 
    ▪ For help with Facts (Renweb) access, contact Mrs. Zhang via email at:
    ▪ For schoolwork help: Please contact your teacher via email.
    ▪ For help with school enrollment and admissions, contact Lisa Eichenlaub by phone at, 631-213-7159 or via email at:
    ▪ For financial questions, please reach out to Jenn Coggin at (631) 982-8221 or email at: 
    ▪ Our Technology Department will answer questions in the order they are received and will reply within 24 hours, if not sooner.
    ▪ We continue to monitor our main office’s school voicemail remotely.

  • What if my student needs extra help on their work?

    First, reach out to the teacher and see if there is any additional help they can provide. If further help is needed, the teacher may contact the principal to see what additional resources can be provided. We are here to assist.

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Dear SCS Families,

As we continue Distance Learning I will continue to share devotionals that the Lord has put on my heart or other messages that have touched me too. I recently shared one with our students but have had requests to share with families as well.

Additionally, when you get a chance, listen to this amazing message from our very own Mr. White! The Harbor asked him to share what the Lord put on his heart a couple weeks back and I believe this message can speak to you all just as it spoke me. Thank you Mr. White for being obedient to the Lord's calling to share that message.

Rev. Robert J. Carrozzo
Dean of Student Life






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  • ​" The service-learning program at SCS goes hand and hand with Christian education. Students learn about loving Jesus and helping those in need. Then, they practice what they learn by going out and being the "hands and feet" of Jesus to their communities. "
    Dr. Anna Ramos, SCS parent

  • " Knowing that our children are going to school and learning about Christ and hearing biblical truth that is not altered has confirmed to us over and over that SCS is the best choice we could make for our kids' education. "
    Doug & Kelly Jansson, SCS parents

  • " If you aim for heaven, you might get earth thrown in, besides. Aim for heavenly values by sending your kids to Smithtown Christian School, even if it means sacrifice. "
    Daniel Buttafuoco, SCS Grandparent

  • "SCS has been an incredible blessing to our family. Knowing our children are in a Christ-centered environment where they are loved, nurtured and prayed for by their teachers and other members of their school family is so important to us. "

    Rachel Cardwell, SCS Parent

  • "It's impossible to enter this school without coming into the presence of God. It's the only thing that can change lives and because of the faithful teachers, staff and culture of SCS, it changed mine."
    Pastor Jeffrey Eichenlaub, SCS Alum